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Have you ever seen a Cornsh rex cat? How about CRX kitten? This domestic cat breed is famous for its curly fur and huge ears. Little CRX kittens appear like bats / aliens with their ridiculously huge ears and eyes.

Cornish Rex cats are extremely active and social, topped with kitten-like playful attitude throughout their whole lives. Owning a CRX you’ll never do something alone again.

Here’s a few of our favorite CRX kitten portraits we have taken recently in Finland.

Who could say no to this look?

Or these serious little faces staring at you

Or sleepy CRX kitten yawn

From a baby CRX you’ll get endless purring and cuddles

You’ll fall in love with their every wrinkle

And can’t stop staring at them when they finally stop and sleep

And when they have just oppened their eyes for the first time

Sometimes you can see the whole world in their eyes

We were born to steal your heart!

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