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In case you’re inclined to seasickness then watch out, in light of the fact that these photos will make even those with iron stomachs feel queasy.

They appear as though they were taken amidst one of the world’s incredible seas, yet trust it or not they were really taken on board the Manly traveler ship that works out of Sydney Harbor, Australia. In spite of the fact that the ocean there is by and large very quiet, late breezy climate threw together the out of the blue savage waves that you can see underneath. They were snapped by deckhand and picture taker Haig Gilchrist, who transferred them to his Instagram account alongside the remark “awesome day to work.” We’re not entirely certain about that!


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This terrifying giant wave was recently snapped pounding a boat in Australia

Image credits: Haig Gilchrist

The photographs might look like they were taken in the middle of the ocean…

Image credits: Haig Gilchrist

But they were actually taken aboard the Manly passenger ferry that operates out of Sydney Harbour

Image credits: Haig Gilchrist

Although the sea there is generally quite calm, recent windy weather caused some unexpectedly big waves

Image credits: Haig Gilchrist

The pictures were taken by deckhand and photographer Haig Gilchrist

Image credits: Haig Gilchrist

He uploaded them to Instagram along with the comment “great day to be working”

Image credits: Haig Gilchrist

We’re not so sure about that!

Image credits: bobsled1975

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